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Box Beam Bursting Energy-Absorbing Terminal Single-Sided Crash Cushion

Box Beam Bursting Energy Absorbing Terminal – Single-Sided Crash Cushion The BEAT-SSCC offers a low cost option to protect the ends of rigid barriers. There is an option for driven ground mounted posts or surface mounted posts anchored to a concrete foundation.Variable lengths of 28’, 32’, 36’, 40, 44’ for sites needing additional length-of-need are available upon request.

Benefits and Features:

  • The short length of 28-feet is ideal for restrictive site conditions often found on rural roads.
  • Attaches directly to rigid barrier, bridge abutments, bridge rails.
  • Available with Surface Mounted Posts or Ground Mounted Posts.
  • Ground mounted design never needs a concrete pad to be poured.
  • Both Post designs use all of the same above-ground components.
  • Stand-alone system serves as both a transition and end treatment.
  • Packaged to include everything (but anchor bolts) for complete installation.
  • Fewer components than competitive systems.
  • Much easier and quicker to install than competitive systems.
  • Easily repaired on site with damaged components easy to identify.
  • Offers low cost alternative to other crash cushions at many locations.

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